Doug Crosse Opts Out

Doug Crosse has chosen not to continue to pursue a seat on the Simi Valley City Council. This news came on the same day that a letter was published in The Acorn in response to a Sojka supporter who objected to Crosse’s campaign website, in which Crosse replied:

As to Sojka sidekick and campaign chair Kelly Kolarek’s attack letter of July 27—that my concerns on this issue are untrue or exaggerated— the reality on the issue of the councilman’s behavior is well-known to be absolutely true to anyone who has served with him, attended or watched a council meeting since he lost the last election. Just ask them. It’s been all the buzz for two years.

On my being unqualified, I guess Kolarek missed my resume of qualifications plainly posted on my website.

Doug Crosse indicated personal and family motivations for deciding not to continue his pursuit in the election.

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