Keith Mashburn for City Council

Keith Mashburn is running for Simi Valley City Council again and his website is live and ready for viewing.  You can see it by clicking here.

On Facebook, a discussion began about some of the text on Keith’s home page, particularly the following snippet:

Crime, drugs and prostitution have invaded. I will labor tirelessly to remove these threats from Simi Valley.  Our citizens and children deserve no less.

This spawned a discussion on whether or not these remarks were simply sensational comments to strike concern in voters (considering Simi Valley’s low crime rate over recent years) or just remarks regarding documented crimes that have occurred in Simi recently. To read this discussion in greater detail, it would be worth your time to join the Simi Valley Letters to the Editor group on Facebook.

Regardless of your interpretation, Keith Mashburn is a sincere candidate who seems to have the City’s best interests in mind. He’s very engaging in person and I highly recommend reaching out to him directly to get to know him, understand his concerns and his proposed solutions.

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