Randy Nemecek for Simi Valley City Council

Randy Nemecek, candidate for Simi Valley City Council, has taken his campaign online with the launch of his new website. From the website’s home page:

I am running for City Council to improve the quality of our local government decision-making and become a positive example for all public service.  As a current member of the Board of Directors of The Samaritan Center in Simi Valley, I plan to donate 100% of my public salary to this charity every year. I will not take a dime from the taxpayers to serve my friends and neighbors in Simi Valley with pride, honesty, and respect.

I first came across Randy Nemecek when I was considering applying for an open seat on the Neighborhood Council. I attended some Neighborhood Council meetings while Randy was the Chairperson. When I was informed that I was going to be a member of the Neighborhood Council, I stopped by again for Randy’s last meeting as the Chairperson and remember how gracious he was to have had the opportunity to serve.

I highly recommend stopping by his website to get a better idea about him and about his campaign. You can find his website at www.randynemecekforcitycouncil.com

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