Ballot Designation Dispute

According to the Ventura County Star, Simi Valley City Council Candidate Keith Mashburn was required to revise his ballot designation after a complaint was filed by incumbent candidate Barbra Williamson earlier this month. From the article…

Williamson addressed her concerns to Simi Valley Elections Coordinator Samantha Argabrite earlier this month.

Mashburn said Thursday that Argabrite told him last week to change the designation. He said he originally wanted to call himself a “retired fire battalion chief” but was limited by law to a three-word description, so he “reluctantly” put down “retired fire chief.”

“Once you elevate to the level of battalion chief, you’re considered a fire chief, but not the fire chief,” he said. “Now I’ve been forced to technically put down something that really doesn’t best represent me because firefighter is the lowest rank.”

Barbra Williamson indicated that the designation wasn’t accurate and felt it was important for all candidates to be operating on an even playing field. For more details, read the article in its entirety by clicking here.

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