Barbra Williamson Responds to Doug Crosse

The one thing that anyone can count on is that Barbra Williamson is always willing to speak her mind. In response to the letter that is circulating from Doug Crosse regarding Mashburn’s ballot designation, Barbra Williamson had this to say:

Mr. Crosse needs to stop being such a cry baby and let Mr. Mashburn fight his own battles.

Mr. Mashburn’s own quote said he “reluctantly” used Retired Fire Chief, so he must have known at the get go he was on a slippery slope.  He just didn’t think someone was going to call him on it.

Mr. Crosse doesn’t have a problem with the designation because he supports Mr. Mashburn, however, it the shoe were on the other foot, he, Mr. Crosse, would be calling foul from the rooftops.

Again, Mr. Crosse needs to stop being such a cry baby and man-up.  No one thinks any less of Mr. Mashburn because he had to change his ballot designation.  He’s a hero.  He ran into burning buildings, we get it…I respect that as do many other people.

There is only one retired Ventura County Fire Chief and that person is Bob Roper.

And for Mr. Crosse to bring Ms. Argabrite into this discussion is shameless. If you want to take me on, that’s fine, but a defenseless staff person is pretty low even for Mr. Crosse.

Sometimes when I would walk into a restaurant or office the persons addressing me or introducing me would greet me as Ms. President (referring to the bank) but I never thought of using “Bank President” as my ballot designation…even though I was a Vice President for a local bank.

I could have taken the easy way out and not admitted that I was the person who called him on it, because the city did not release and does not release persons  who make the complaints…. but that has never been my style.

So, now I guess I can expect the wrath of god from Mr. Crosse and Sojka can relax.

Thanks to Barbra Williamson for her very candid and open response.

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