Keith Mashburn on His Ballot Designation

Keith Mashburn posted his response to the ballot designation story that has carried on over the past 24 hours. He said:

When I presented my ballot designation I wanted to say I am a “Retired, Fire Battalion Chief” that was my official rank. The elections bureaucracy dictates you may only use three words to describe your designation. If retired, you are required to put the word retired in front of your designation and that word is counted as one of your three words. I decided to go with Retired Fire Chief (three words) based on that most closely described who and what I am. I thought of Retired, Battalion Chief, but having never served in our country’s military, I didn’t want anyone to confuse that title with my fire battalion chief title.

With no input or contact with me, it was decided that my ballot designation was POSSIBLY misleading. The county elections people who decided this, left the final decision to the city clerk on if I had to change my ballot designation.

I must say, that the city clerk, Samantha Argabrite, is fair, polite, and full of professionalism and integrity. If all workers, private and public, were as dedicated as Samantha, this country would be in much better shape.

Does it really matter if your ballot statement is Fire Chief, Incumbent, plumber or laborer? I think not. To me the most important attribute is the CHARACTER and INTEGRITY of the candidate.

I am running to serve you. Nothing I do will be about me. It will only be about this community and making it better. It is time for the people to govern government.

Keith Mashburn, Proud American

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