Mashburn Proposes Elimination of Business Tax

Keith Mashburn appeared at City Hall tonight during the public statements to propose changes to make Simi Valley more business friendly. The foundation of his proposal was to eliminate the city’s business tax. He acknowledged that this would reduce income for the city, but asserted that the draw to the city as business friendly would drive the economy and account for the loss.

He also indicated that part of the problem that businesses experience are due to the lack of training by portions of city staff. I’m assuming that one of the areas he is referring to is the permitting process. I really have no insight into the training process, hopefully city employees wouldn’t mind contacting me to weigh in on that theory. I have heard stories from other business owners that starting a business that involves conditional use permits and building permits can be a lengthy and frustrating endeavor.

Since the proposal was made during public statements, the Council does not discuss the topic or provide any feedback, so not much more to say at this point.


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