Where in the World is Ken Sandberg?

Candidate for Mayor, Ken Sandberg, is nowhere to be found. I was following a discussion thread the other day on Facebook where more than one person were wondering where he was. Evidently, his website hasn’t been updated recently and he hasn’t been seen on internet forums. The other local candidates have all submitted ballot statements, but no ballot statement is available for Ken Sandberg, which makes me wonder if we’ll see one from him. (NOTE: a ballot statement has to be paid for by each candidate at a cost of $900)

By this time during the last election, Ken was very vocal in his opposition of the incumbents, and some of the challengers as well, speaking against Huber’s position on the landfill expansion. One of his online sparring partners was Council Member Barbra Williamson, who wasn’t up for re-election two years ago. Though she’s up for re-election now, Ken is staying relatively silent, having thrown in a few comments online here and there several weeks ago.

Where are you, Ken?

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