Grand Jury Tea Party Meeting – Audio Review

It’s a certainty that the next City Council meeting will involve several public statements regarding a grand jury complaint filed by Doug Crosse of the Simi Valley Tea Party regarding an accusation of inappropriate handling of a project in relation to the Tapo Street Facade Renovation program. I’ve received requests to post commentary on this subject but haven’t because I do not have all the data. For people interested in learning more, listen to the highlights below and consider attending the City Council meeting on Monday, October 29th.

Regarding the audio, note that Penal Code 623, which pertains to unauthorized recordings, has an exception for public meetings, sub (c ). The meeting was announced on Facebook as a Tea Party meeting, press conference and public information session.

In the embedded audio below, Doug Crosse discusses the nature of the grand jury complaint and what compelled those who helped him to get involved. At this meeting, it sounds like hard copies were shared with those who were interested.

In the audio below, Doug Crosse indicates that he hopes for Council Member support on the issue, suggests that the issue could impact who people choose to vote for in the upcoming election and Council Candidate Eric Halub offers commentary.

In the audio below, the position on the issue is clarified, Doug Crosse expresses his desire to have this handled as a Tea Party matter, discusses the importance of the timing of the issue, and the issue is approved as a Tea Party matter.

To hear the highlights above in context, the complete audio is available below. It is over an hour in length:

Again, I have no inside knowledge of the program (which is now officially a dead program with the loss of the CDA), but I believe Council Members are involved in the application process only. Once an application is approved, the management of the process from beginning to end is handled by the Assistant City Manager’s office. I could be wrong, but that was my understanding.

Lastly, I do have concerns that a legitimate business will have its name dragged through the mud over an issue that might be politically charged. In the audio, Doug Crosse mentions doing research on the business from “both counties” (the business has multiple locations), suggesting he’s researching deeply into the business rather than just the business’s participation in the renovation program. The business owner was an outspoken critic against Crosse during his brief campaign for City Council.

I can’t offer a whole lot beyond that and really encourage those concerned to attend the next City Council meeting. I would like clarity and assurance, and I hope we can get it without smearing a good business in Simi Valley.

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