Tonight’s Homework Assignment

Originally posted on April 5, 2013 by Mitch Green

Tonight, instead of giving you a well earned witty Friday column of innerest’n stuff to chat about, you have a homework assignment. And that is because the City, in its effort to finally become transparent, posted its agenda for Monday, April 8, 2013, and guess what got tacked on to the end of the meeting? The long awaited staff report regarding the City’s MOU FUBAR of late.

And so that you can follow along with tomorrow’s column, tonight I post all three parts of the City’s staff report, some 191 pages in all. Once you get past the first three or four pages of part 1 of the Staff Report, where the City Manager’s Office and the City Attorney pat each other on the back and reassure us that there is nothing to see here, click on part 3 and read up on the e-mails from November and December where the City Attorney’s office and the developer discuss their negotiations on finalizing the MOU document. And then come back and read the follow up documents generated by the City.

One thing becomes clear, and that is the excuse given by the City Attorney that the document signed in December was just a draft is questionable at best, and more likely intentionally deceptive or worse.

So here we go with the reading, and tomorrow we can discuss.

Part 1: Staff_Report_-_Part_1

Part 2: Staff_Report_-_Part_2

Part 3: Staff_Report_-_Part_3

Enjoy Simi Valley!

Good night!
P.S.:  If you have any problem reading the staff reports, try down loading Adobe Acrobat and then check back.

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