The Simi Valley School Board Recall

It seems a recall of two elected School Board trustees is imminent, or at least the attempt to recall them is.  School Board Trustee Dan White issued a statement the other day regarding the recall effort and asked for the support of voters. The official name of this effort is Citizens for Simi Valley Schools.

While I am one of a core group of supporters and proponents working hard to launch this recall effort, this issue is not about me, and this issue is not about any candidate that would serve as a successor. This issue is about our kids — yours and mine. We are working on expanding a group of community members who want to see change in Simi Valley schools. The face of this effort is called “Citizens for Simi Valley Schools”.

In comments regarding the statement, a reference to a letter from the Ventura County Office of Education was made (click here to read the letter).  In that letter, the VC Office of Education expresses concern that the Simi Valley Unified School District’s financial solvency is at risk.  Additionally, the Office of Education also points out the declining enrollment which will inevitably force the district to continue a deficit spending pattern due to declining enrollment.

That alone is alarming. My understanding is that I don’t yet have all the details inspiring this recall attempt. I need to get more details. Voters probably do, too.

In order to have this recall attempt validated by the County Clerk, Citizens for Simi Valley Schools will need to collect approximately 10,000 signatures, which represents 15% of the registered voters in Simi Valley. Of the approximately 76,000 registered voters in Simi Valley, only a fraction of them actually come to the polls (even fewer during non-presidential elections). 10,000 voters represents a significant portion of the “active” registered voters. To summarize my point, I believe collecting the required signatures will be difficult. Key to the success of this recall will be informing the registered voters of the details of the problem and the potential impact. One of the challenges of the recall will be to justify the cost, a cost that will ultimately be covered by the district’s general fund at great expense if a special election takes place.

So far, I have few details beyond what I shared.

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