Special Edition: Special Assignment

I spoke with Dan White today who confirms that he is working to recruit quality people, such as Randy Nemecek, to run for the school board. Dan feels that Randy is exactly the type of person needed on the school board and that Randy’s financial skills could be put to good for the City’s largest public agency where his skills could have a big impact in the serious financial issues facing the board. (This issue came up in another forum where Randy claimed that Dan had attempted to recruit him to run for the school board).

As for the cost of an election, it seems that every time I turn around the number goes up another $50K. At first I was seeing numbers in the $100-150K range. Then others cite $200K. And today I read that someone is claiming a recall would cost $250K! Yet, if a special election is run at the same time as, say, the primaries next June, then the cost should come in around $40k to $50k. (I am informed that in the last board election, the district’s shared cost with the County was $42K). And that’s still cheaper than a “modest” $265,000 bathroom remodel.

On another note, is not Dayle Gillick, the president of the Simi Educators Association, on “special assignment” with the school district to be . . ., get this . . ., the union president for the Simi Educator’s Association?

So her job with the school district is to be the union president? Where in such capacity she is now claiming Trustee White is pursuing “a personal agenda?” And is not having a job with the school district where your only duties are to represent the teacher’s union also “a personal agenda” when you make requests that benefit the district rather than the teachers? (Which begs the question: If she supported the special election would she lose her “special assignment” status and have to perform her union duties before work, during breaks, and after work, just like every other shop steward I am aware of? Or, actually have to work as a teacher for her paycheck rather than as a district compensated union president?)

So, when Dayle, in her capacity as teachers union president, is urging the community not to sign a recall petition, who is she making that request on behalf of? The union, or the district?

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