A Modest Update


Like any proud father would, I have to share a photo of my son, Private E2 Greg Green, taken today on his fifth day of Army active duty at Fort Jackson, SC, the very same place that I went through Army basic combat training starting in October, 1976. That would be, what . . .? 37 years ago? Whoa! Time does file! But he looks so much better in uniform than I ever did!

PV2 Green

Updates as this story develops.

I have some rather interesting news regarding the Simi Valley Unified School District, but I’ve been asked to embargo until Monday. So I will. I imagine there will be a story coming out rather soon regarding a decision made that makes perfect sense. At least, it makes perfect sense to those who understand the law rather than to those who try to sneak around the law. I’m reminded of an old adage along the lines of, “They will smile at you, spit in your face, and argue instead that it is raining.”

Oh, yes, the district says its raining, and the final word from the referees are, no, “you are spitting in their face.” [Note:  OK, the spitting in the face thing is me, but when you hear the news, you may agree it is a most appropriate visual]

And as to the most recent district board meeting, that was clearly some doozy. Perhaps I’m speaking out of school (ugh! couldn’t resist), but I’m having a hard time recalling when I’ve seen a more arrogant governmental assembly with the leader, President Rob Collins, going out of his way to insult the gathered constituents. Mr. Collins started the meeting by referencing a comment someone made on Facebook about gathering a lynch mob for the meeting (and which comment the original poster subsequently retracted as being inappropriate), and yet Mr. Collins continued to refer to those assembled at the meeting as a “lynch mob.”

Way to go Mr. Collins! Not to mention the implied, or was that overt, insults he directed to Wood Ranch parents!

My personal favorite moment came during Trustee Davis’ comments, where she looked directly at me and made statements along the lines of, “you just sit there and smirk” and “you think this is funny.” Perhaps it made Trustee Davis feel better to stare down her nose at me while she uttered snide comments at . . ., who really knows, but I could care less. I’m one of those who had his own plaque on the principle’s bench and yet I still managed to pull off a graduate degree (Juris Doctor, no less).

And yes, Trustee Davis, I am entertained.

Just a short Howdy tonight Simi Valley.

More tidbits when I’m allowed to shake off the leash.

Have a great weekend!


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