Wednesday Update

BvsBtthdHumpDayI received an e-mail from Ken Sandberg that on July 16, 2014 he pulled papers to run for Simi Valley Mayor, and on July 21 he returned his papers to the City, and on July 23 his papers were verified by the Ventura County Election Division. Way to go Ken!

I have received a copy of the Simi Valley City Clerk’s office memo dated July 25, 2014 detailing the candidate filing status. It appears I also left of the list for City Council candidates Brian E. Wilson, who pulled papers on July 18. I haven’t been able to find out anything so far regarding Brian but I look forward to hearing his views. I am also informed that Randy Nemecek has now been qualified by the county as a candidate for City Council. Good luck to both Brian and Randy.

See ya Simi!


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