2014 Simi Valley Election Results

Bob Huber was re-elected as Mayor of Simi Valley. Congratulations to Bob Huber for earning another term as Mayor.

In 2012, the people spoke and told Barbra Williamson they were ready for her to move on. They have spoken again and confirmed their decision was final. Both Mike Judge and Glen Becerra were re-elected to the City Council. The people of Simi Valley sent a message yesterday that it takes more than a smear campaign to change their minds about who represents them on the council. Congratulations to Mike Judge and Glen Becerra.

For Simi Valley School Board, Bill Daniels is the top vote getter and has earned a spot on the Board. Scott Blough appears to be the second most vote getter, earning 18.79% of the vote. Right behind him is Elaine Litster, with 18% of the votes and a discrepancy of just under 300 votes behind Blough. She outperformed the incumbent candidate and a three time experienced candidate, gaining momentum for her campaign late in the race, and without a boost from any of the active unions. If these are the final figures and Daniels and Blough are for sure our new trustees, Litster MUST run again. She will surely be victorious if she tries again in two years.

Congratulations to everyone!  And brace yourselves… the next election is in two years and it’s unlikely that it will be as quiet as this one.

Happy Trails!

Folks, this will be my last post on VoteSimiValley.com. It is my understanding that Mike Chandler will be taking the blog dark following the election. It has been an honor and my privilege to be able to write to you over the last few years. A big thanks to Mike Chandler for hosting this site and allowing me to write to you.

With a few exceptions, I hope the candidate of your choice wins come tomorrow.

Signing off,


SV POA Apology for Negative Ad

We’ve seen negative ads recently. In one case, the owner stands firm and continues to fire away, oblivious that a resulting loss is imminent. In another case, we get a humble apology. Cheers to the Simi Valley Police Officer’s Association for recognizing a mistake, owning it and apologizing.

The SVPOA PAC fund published an ad in the October 31, 2014 edition of the Simi Valley Acorn questioning our schools. We acknowledge that we made a mistake with our ad and we wish to apologize to anyone that was offended.

The intent of the ad was to stimulate conversation. Our schools play a critical role in our town and we believe that safe schools are an essential component of safe streets. While our schools certainly do not “suck”, declining enrollment is having a negative impact on our community.

This ad is not intended as an attack on any candidate and those candidates listed in the ad had no involvement in the content of the ad. We apologize to those listed for any negative impact we had on the positive campaigns they are running.

We hope that all residents who haven’t already voted will do so on November 4 and that together we can continue to keep all of Simi Valley safe.

Jim Wismar
SVPOA Treasurer/PAC Fund Manager

Teachers were angry about the ad because it could be interpreted that teachers were responsible for local school troubles. Parents and students were angry because it suggested that the best and the brightest students in the district were no longer there and had left for other districts. The Simi Valley POA was right to respond swiftly and most of the community is hoping their apology has the same outreach as the ad that was published in the newspaper. I believe their attempts to right a wrong are genuine and I appreciate their sincere efforts. This is a wound that will require time to heal, but this is an excellent start.

We Deserve The Best

Every election season, I get to hear secrets. I know about the negative ads before they hit the papers or mailboxes. I get forwarded emails consisting of disparaging remarks about candidates and I get copies or screenshots of text messages. I also get approached to publish content or stories on candidates to prevent the source from being identified, and I’m pleased to report that I always decline.

In this election season, I’ve been given enough data to convince myself that there really aren’t a ton of people in the world of politics that we can truly trust. It’s a revelation that isn’t necessarily devastating because we’re all supposed to already know this, but it’s certainly disappointing. I’m beginning to say things to myself like “this candidate only lies to me about small inconsequential things, so I’ll still go ahead and cast my vote their way.” That’s not too great.

Going forward, I feel more compelled to focus less on local politics and more on local schools. I’m feeling very positive about the benefits we have experienced from Santa Susana High School and am pleasantly surprised by how amazing Wood Ranch Elementary is. Their PTA is over-the-top fantastic. It’s nearly impossible NOT to share positive news about these two schools, and I am starving for positive Simi Valley news. I think it’s time to focus there.

I’m taking over the Simi Valley Deserves Better website.  Simi Valley does indeed deserve better, and I’m not convinced that politicians hold the key that unlocks what’s best for our city. Our citizens do, and we need our politicians to represent us and get us there. Until I can find a good partner for that website, it won’t be used as a political piece and will remain offline until a constructive use for it can be found.

I’m quite excited to pursue more positive interests going forward and am eager to vote on November 4th. I hope all of you are too. Let’s pick the best and the brightest. I have made my decisions on who to vote for and hope they make it. Best of luck to all the candidates, and a sincere thanks to all who kept it clean and positive. We deserve the best and the only way to get that is to do your homework and select the best candidates. Good luck!