We Deserve The Best

Every election season, I get to hear secrets. I know about the negative ads before they hit the papers or mailboxes. I get forwarded emails consisting of disparaging remarks about candidates and I get copies or screenshots of text messages. I also get approached to publish content or stories on candidates to prevent the source from being identified, and I’m pleased to report that I always decline.

In this election season, I’ve been given enough data to convince myself that there really aren’t a ton of people in the world of politics that we can truly trust. It’s a revelation that isn’t necessarily devastating because we’re all supposed to already know this, but it’s certainly disappointing. I’m beginning to say things to myself like “this candidate only lies to me about small inconsequential things, so I’ll still go ahead and cast my vote their way.” That’s not too great.

Going forward, I feel more compelled to focus less on local politics and more on local schools. I’m feeling very positive about the benefits we have experienced from Santa Susana High School and am pleasantly surprised by how amazing Wood Ranch Elementary is. Their PTA is over-the-top fantastic. It’s nearly impossible NOT to share positive news about these two schools, and I am starving for positive Simi Valley news. I think it’s time to focus there.

I’m taking over the Simi Valley Deserves Better website.  Simi Valley does indeed deserve better, and I’m not convinced that politicians hold the key that unlocks what’s best for our city. Our citizens do, and we need our politicians to represent us and get us there. Until I can find a good partner for that website, it won’t be used as a political piece and will remain offline until a constructive use for it can be found.

I’m quite excited to pursue more positive interests going forward and am eager to vote on November 4th. I hope all of you are too. Let’s pick the best and the brightest. I have made my decisions on who to vote for and hope they make it. Best of luck to all the candidates, and a sincere thanks to all who kept it clean and positive. We deserve the best and the only way to get that is to do your homework and select the best candidates. Good luck!

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