About Us

It seems that if we simply gather as a community and talk about what issues are important to us, we’ll find candidates who represent those issues and, simply enough, we’ll vote for them! We not only need to challenge those who are running for re-election, we need to get them campaigning and connecting with us as a community so that we can all be certain they are truly representing us.

I’m not simply for or against anyone or any issue. I just want to provide a platform on which to discuss candidates and Simi Valley issues.

Who Am I?

I’m an average Joe with a passion for technology, specifically web technology. I don’t work for a newspaper, so not all of my content will be objective, some of it will be riddled with my opinions. I am not perfect, and I’m pretty comfortable with the idea that I won’t be able to please everyone. If you’re here and reading, hopefully you are comfortable with that notion too.

About Comments

I encourage comments on my blog posts. I think discussions are an important part of discovering who to vote for and what issues are important to us. Initially, I had hoped that comments could remain moderator-free, but the issues we discuss on this site stir emotions. I will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind. Comments that consist of personal attacks will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned.

We have to walk a very fine line here. Commentators are often critical of politicians and their policies. I encourage criticism when its purpose is to engage in debate on important issues. But when criticism goes from constructive to personal, it will be taken down.

I use Facebook comments to encourage the use of a commentators real identity. In the past, commentators have posted anonymously and have said things they ordinarily wouldn’t say in a real world situation.  I’d prefer people say things on this website that they would say when meeting a candidate face to face, in real life. I realize this will minimize the volume of comments per article, but I prefer quality over quantity.

Talk to Me

If you want to share some news with me or simply get to know me better, please reach out. You can send me an email by browsing my Contact page.