Campaign Websites

I like to stay on top of the social media tools and how they expand. These are worthy tools for those who are campaigning, including those who are campaigning locally here in Simi Valley.

Facebook is a terrific free way to promote your campaign online. Most of the City Council candidates are using Facebook to promote their events and send campaign messages to their supporters. Recently, Facebook announced Facebook Places, a neat tool for those with the right mobile device. Not necessarily a campaign tool, but a clear indication of the continued growth and expansion of one of the most popular social networking phenomenons to date.

For those of you involved in local elections who are looking for assistance or guidance, I’d like to once again offer my support. I live and breathe this stuff on a daily basis and would be more than happy to share some techniques or offer guidance, no strings attached. I can’t help it. I love this stuff. It’s a sickness!

Bob Huber Signs Are Up!

Bob Huber's Campaign Sign on Madera near LA.

Bob Huber’s signs are up, according to the following campaign announcement:

We are excited to let you know that this morning, as you drive through our beautiful city, you will finally see our multitude of campaign signs.  As you read in one of our previous communications, we waited until we were 90 days from the election to put up signs, out of respect for the citizens of our fine community as there had previously been so many signs during the June primaries.  If you didn’t get a sign in your yard and would like one, please reply to this email and one will be promptly delivered to your home.

I believe signs are an important tool in a local election. Bob Huber opted to wait a few weeks after Steve Sojka put his signs up throughout Simi Valley. He indicated that he was doing so out of respect for the community, explaining that citizens don’t want to see signs up for too long or too close to the completion of another election. We are now at the 3 month mark before election day.

I’ll cruise around this evening and take a few pictures. For me, the signs represent an important time for Simi Valley voters and I enjoy seeing them posted.

Simi Valley Campaigns Are Go!

The Simi Valley council and mayor campaigns are officially a go and the City Council has finalized concerns related to campaign finance reform.  Campaign donations from business persons are allowed, but donations from a single business person cannot exceed $1000, regardless of how many businesses they own.  To clarify, Joe Smith who owns five businesses can donate a total of $1000 to a single campaign, but he cannot donate $1000 from each of his five businesses (for a total of $5000 in this example).

The fact is this was always the rule.  However, the ordinance is being modified to more clearly spell this out.  This was what caused trouble for Barbra Williamson during the last election cycle when she accepted donations totaling $3000 from businessman Glen Gerson from his multiple businesses.  Barbra explained on the record that her misunderstanding of the ordinance is why she accepted the donations in the first place, not a willful intent to break the rules.

Nearly two years later, the matter of campaign financing rules is weeks away from being settled pending final approval, paving the way for campaigns to kick into full swing!

Steve Sojka officially announced his intent to run for Mayor yesterday at Lost Canyons Golf Club.  I’m sorry I missed the event.  I heard it was energized and exciting.  A video of the event is being posted on YouTube which I intend to link to when it’s available.  There’s a massive showing of support and enthusiasm behind Sojka’s campaign and the energy is intoxicating.  It takes a brave individual to run against such a tidal wave of support!  I’m very interested to see how the mayoral race plays out.

I’m hoping to hear more from Steve Sojka and Bob Huber over the course of the next several months.  I think it’s a critical time for our city and I’m very eager to hear what each of them have to say about the state of the city and their hopeful role.

Barbra Williamson Fires Back

Barbra Williamson isn’t keeping quiet about the Ventura County Star article questioning her campaign financing. On her website, she says

The Ventura County Star has erroneously insinuated in its article of November 1, 2008 that certain campaign contributions to City Councilmember Barbra Williamson may have been in violation of campaign financing regulations of the City. This article is without factual support.

Read the full press release here.

Says Barbra on Brian Dennert’s Blog:

You are going to believe whatever you want, so my telling you that I am not under the “thumb” of anyone will fall on deaf ears. Glen Gersen is a personal friend. I have known David Saperstein since he purchase the ranch and have been a guest of his there many times. I have met Mike Oborn once in my life,I take that back, I’ve met him twice. So believe what you want…I am still me and will ALWAYS VOTE MY CONSCIENCE which is what I believe the residents of Simi valley want. They don’t care if I am a Republican, Democrat or Irish…they want someone who will fight for them and standup to the Waste Managements of the world.


As I stated my press release, my campaign is totally transparant (sic) and above board. We beleive (sic) we have complied with the law and are not in violation. If you don’t like the fact that I have received donations from Mr. Saperstein or Mr. Gersen, don’t vote for me…its really that simple.

Vote Barbra!

Williamson Campaign Contributions

The Ventura County Star has raised questions about Barbra Williamson’s campaign financing, specifically about $8000 in contributions.  Read the article and let me know your thoughts.

It’s easy for me to be biased as a big Barbra Williamson supporter.  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Does this change your vote?  Suppose a discrepancy is found and the money is returned to the contributor?  Would that make a difference.

Vote Barbra!

Last night, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Barbra Williamson and her family, friends and supporters.  They are truly a dynamic group of people and it was a real pleasure.  Barbra’s entire family is very friendly not to mention engaging and passionate about the issues.  I have zero doubt that my vote for Barbra Williamson for Simi Valley City Council is the right one.

I’m often asked what my purpose and goal is with this website.  The answer is simple: to inform the community of issues they may not be fully aware of.  Interestingly, this process has allowed me to educate myself as well and change my opinion on high profile matters.  For instance, a conversation I had last night with Barbra Williamson and her friends completely turned me around on the Waste Management Landfill Expansion plan.  That conversation, along with hours of obsessive reading afterward, opened my eyes.

My point?  If our elected officials can’t sit down and have a drink with the people they represent every now and then, we’ll never fully understand the issues or the reasons for their positions.  Sure, they can’t sit down with everyone… but if they sit down with someone like me, the word will spread.  We really need more people like Barbra Williamson!

New video is cookin’!  Stay tuned!

Shop Simi Valley at Taxpayers’ Expense

Here’s an issue I think about a lot, and it looks like I got a little support on the topic from Brian Dennert this evening.

How can the city possibly justify an annual budget of $100,000 on a campaign to remind local shoppers to keep their buying within city limits especially considering the impact its had on the business community so far. Is this really a genuine effort?

The video provides a little more detail into what I’m referring to and is a solid reason for you to make sure you find your way to the voting booths on November 4th.