SV Acorn Candidates’ Forum

For those of you who work fulltime jobs during the normal business day, a Candidates’ Forum in the evening is a great idea. Cheers to the Simi Valley Acorn for coordinating the upcoming forum at 7:00PM on October 19th, this coming Tuesday night.

This particular forum is unique to the others.  The League of Women Voters recently coordinated a forum in Council Chambers weeks ago. The Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Simi Valley/Moorpark Democratic Club also have forums scheduled on October 20th. But of the three, the Simi Valley Acorn Candidates’ Forum will be the only one featuring both Mayoral Candidates on the stage together with no other candidates.

The turnout for the forum is expected to be significant. The time and location (Simi Valley Highschool Multi-purpose room) make for a convenient venue for most Simi Valley voters!

For details, click here to read about it on the Acorn.

Candidates Forum Questions

I will be chatting with Keith Mashburn and Mitch Green, candidates for City Council, live on some time next week. This will not be a debate, but simply a live discussion on the issues that matter to the Candidates. We’d also like to make sure that we cover the issues that matter to YOU as well.

What would you like to hear these Candidates discuss during the course of this conversation? We’ll have a live chatroom available as well and will do our level best to monitor it and throw in your questions in real time, but it will be a challenging thing to multi-task.  If you have specific issues you would like the Candidates to cover, post them here!

I met Candidate Mitch Green this morning. He’s a friendly, sincere guy with a lot of enthusiasm about his campaign for City Council. He is genuinely looking forward to having this discussion and getting the word out to the voters.

Leave your comments here, and look for an announcement for next week!