Election Results Soon!

As I sit here and watch Senator John McCain’s concession speech, I can’t help but to wonder what some of the local candidates are thinking about right now. Is it excitement? Anxiety? My wife and I were discussing it briefly and it occurred to us that we haven’t experienced anything like the anticipation they must be feeling now.

I’m scouring the internet and listening to and reading every bit of local election news I can find. As soon as I hear any results on the local elections, they’ll be online here. In the meantime, I encourage you to browse this site and find out what’s to come in the coming months.

Continued best wishes to all the candidates!

Election Day in Simi Valley

Today is election day in Simi Valley. I have never been more excited to cast my vote. I encourage my visitors to post their predictions here and let me know what they think the results will be.

Plus, for any candidates that may be reading, please feel free to post a comment or send me an email and I’ll gladly publish any of your statements. As of this week, my traffic is sky-rocketing!

Good luck!

Mike Judge for Council

Mike Judge seems to be flying somewhat under the radar, but not in a bad way. He hasn’t said anything outrageous during a public forum and he hasn’t attacked the incumbents. He’s just shared his ideas, specifically regarding law enforcement, a topic he understands all too well as a law enforcement officer.

I highly recommend checking out his website at http://www.judgementsv.com/ and reading a little more about his campaign. Of all the other council challengers, excluding the mayoral candidates, I’ve seen more signs from Mike Judge throughout Simi than for anyone else. In fact, as I type this, it occurs to me that Mike Judge’s are the only signs from a challenger that I’ve seen. We might be able to use the election results as a scientific conclusion to the sign argument.

Barbra on Campaign Signs

You can’t say Barbra Williamson isn’t a straight shooter. I’m trying to put together a quality presentation here, but I promised some video so here’s a quick snippet of my visit with Ms. Williamson!

As always, a huge thanks to Brian Dennert for linking back to me and giving me some viewers.

Late last night, I finished editing my Barbra Williamson footage and will have another video posted this evening!