Daniel Jenkins Strikes Back!

Daniel Jenkins, former Simi Valley City Councilmember candidate, has plenty to say about Barbra Williamson’s desire to speak out as a citizen on future planning issues. He writes the following to the Simi Valley Acorn.

We have in this great country an amendment which gives us freedom of speech with limits; let me repeat, with limits. As a former and likely future candidate, I know one of the first things all candidates are told is we are limited on what we can say about other candidates.

The five who sit on the council (mayor and four council persons) have more power than any other citizen or official of Simi Valley. The one thing they can do that no other can is make law.

This amplifies their voices far beyond the rest of us. They were elected by the citizens to represent the citizens. They are supposed to listen to us before they decide an issue. But it is their decision and theirs alone which counts.

To hear any elected official say they are being punished because they cannot voice their concerns as a private citizen (I have to be careful of those pesky limits) is silly. One is an elected official 24/ 7, from the moment they are sworn in to when they leave office.

It is sad some just don’t get it.

For being “limited on what you can say about other candidates” I’d say Mr.Jenkin’s message is loud and clear. So, this issue now as well as his position on city guidelines on where to store your trash bins should make for a compelling platform on which to run again in 4 years. Good luck Daniel!

Here’s Barbra Williamson, who in this video seems comfortable saying whatever is on her mind…