A Mashburn Endorsement

Keith Mashburn, candidate for Simi Valley City Council, announced tonight that his campaign has been endorsed by the Republican Central Committee of Ventura County.

Keith’s campaign has been in high gear for a while now.  In addition to this endorsement, Keith also has the endorsement of California State Senator Tony Strickland, who is also running for Representative Gallegly’s seat this November. Mashburn received the endorsement of the Simi Valley Police Officer’s Association last election, and it’s widely believed he’ll receive that endorsement again this year.

Endorsement for Glen Becerra

Council Member Glen Becerra announced a new endorsement this morning. He’s received the endorsement of Sheriff-Elect Geoff Dean. According to the announcement:

“Glen Becerra has always made public safety his number one priority for the City of Simi Valley, and I am proud to stand with Glen because of this commitment to his community. He has never wavered from his stance that strong public safety services are vital toward the quality of life in his community.”

Geoff Dean, Sherrif-Elect for Ventura County

This announcement nicely rounds out a roster or worthy endorsements for Glen Becerra, including Congressman Elton Gallegly, the Ventura County Firefighters Association, Ventura County Supervisor Peter Foy, former Simi Valley Mayor Greg Stratton and Council Member and Candidate for Mayor Steve Sojka.

Huber’s Central Committee Endorsement

I’ve been told now by dozens of people that there is plenty of unpleasantness about a blog that covers local political issues, especially by someone who isn’t a political science expert. There is one good thing, however, and that is that I’m not opposed to publishing a rumor as a topic for discussion, so long as the source is a credible one.

I’ve learned this morning that Bob Huber, Candidate for Mayor of Simi Valley, will be getting the endorsement of the Ventura County Republican Central Committee. For any Republican Candidate running for local office, this is a huge honor. This endorsement rounds out several recent high profile endorsement announcements, including the Simi Valley POA and the Ventura County Firefighters Association. Bob Huber is now being supported by the organization that supports other high profile Republican candidates like State Senator Tony Strickland (for State Controller) and Candidate Carly Fiorina for United States Senate.

This will surely turn a few heads and generate some discussions among unsure voters on what’s been a very competitive and seemingly close race so far. I welcome your thoughts and comments on what this means for the Simi Valley Mayors race.

Police Endorse Huber/Mashburn

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I just arrived home from a lunch meeting and, no offense to my meeting partner, I’ve never wanted to come home faster to publish an announcement. The Simi Valley Police Officers Association plans to announce their endorsement for Bob Huber as Simi Valley Mayor and Keith Mashburn for Simi Valley City Council. Several weeks ago, I included the following commentary in a blog post regarding the endorsement of the Firefighters Association:

Representatives of the Simi Valley Police Officers Association recently had a meeting with Congressman Gallegly.  Would anyone be surprised if a press release comes out soon with another big Bob Huber endorsement?  Honestly, probably not.

Keith Mashburn, Candidate for Simi Valley City Council

Going back to those thoughts, I’m certainly not surprised by Bob Huber’s endorsement. But I’m very surprised by their support of Keith Mashburn. I’ve spoken to Keith very casually on a number of occasions and I think he’s a good man with sincere goals regarding his hopeful Council career. As a retired Firefighter, he’s had a career that involved service to his community, so I can see why he would be worthy of the nod. But I’m surprised because I fully expected Candidate Mike Judge to get the endorsement. As an LAPD police officer and outspoken supporter of Simi Valley’s finest, it seemed like a sure thing. Though I didn’t expect it, I’m definitely pleased for Keith Mashburn and send him my sincerest congratulations.

One of the first things Keith Mashburn said to me when we first spoke on the phone was in response to my remark about this race being an up-hill battle.  He said, “I’m up to the task.” He definitely seems to be, and so far so good! His signs are popping up, and this endorsement is huge! Find out more about him on his Facebook page, linked below.

So what does an announcement like this mean for the incumbents and how does the support of the POA shift? According to this recent press release on the City website, communication between the City and Police Union has been successful. Do the police not feel the recent negotiations were a step in the right direction? Weeks ago, I speculated that Elton Gallegly’s influence might shift support towards Candidate Bob Huber after a meeting took place at the Congressman’s home. Are we seeing the result of influence, or a response to events behind the scenes? Remember the highly publicized vote of no confidence in the Chief of Police? And why Mashburn and not Judge? There is a lot to discuss and I’d love your feedback.

UPDATE: Please note, this information was shared with me outside standard communication channels. Press releases from all parties are most likely forthcoming.