Eric Halub’s Campaign Goes Online

Eric Halub, candidate for Simi Valley City Council, has taken his campaign online and announced the launch of his website at the City Council meeting tonight during the public statements period of the meeting.

To learn more about Eric Halub and has campaign for City Council, you can go to his website located at You can also find Eric’s Facebook page and “like” it to follow his news and updates there by clicking here.

Below is a video of one of Eric Halub’s most memorable City Council visits from 2010:

It’s starting again!

It’s been nearly 2 years since I last buried myself in the local political stuff and it’s been a really nice break. A couple of years, 1 new baby and minus 50 pounds of weight loss, it’s starting over again. And while I promised myself I would try to care less, I find myself breaking that promise.

I’m interested to get to know who Doug Crosse is. I see a few signs out there for Keith Mashburn. Barbra Williamson kicked off her re-election campaign on Thursday. And I’ve heard that Eric Halub is running for City Council. Need a reminder of who he is? See below:

Mayor Race Returns to 2

The race for Simi Valley Mayor is back down to 2 candidates again, according to this memo from the City of Simi Valley. Steve Sojka and Bob Huber will continue to battle it out for the position. However, Eric David Halub could not be verified as a candidate by the County of Ventura and will not appear on the ballot as a result.

CLICK HERE for the memo from the City of Simi Valley.