Candidate Halub Turns Over a New Leaf?

Ordinarily, the election cycle means that you can count on outrageous commentary from City Council Candidate Eric Halub. In the past, Mr. Halub has served as a convenient proxy for those wishing to disseminate dirty commentary on one’s political opponents without actually attaching one’s name to it. In Simi Valley politics, people love to make misleading, sleazy or outright incorrect statements anonymously and Eric Halub could always be counted on to deliver the message.

Tonight, to my surprise, was very different. Moments ago, Eric Halub shared the main points of his campaign, including public safety among other points. He referenced his past negative commentary and pledged to run a clean, positive campaign.  He concluded his remarks by saying there was no room in Simi Valley for negative politics and that he wanted to be able to hold his head high in town, win or lose. It was easily the most refreshing commentary I have ever heard from him!

Congratulations to Eric Halub for opting to make positive comments for a change. I hope this represents a new strategy for his campaign. If it is, I think he’ll find it significantly more effective than his previous strategies.

Halub – City Council Meeting Outburst

If you want to know whether or not it’s election season, go to City Hall during a City Council meeting and watch the reaction to events that take place below. Under normal circumstances, I think people would be universally concerned about Mr. Halub’s lack of understanding about the specifics of Council Member benefits and offended by his later suggestions that Council Members protect sex offenders. Instead, there are attendees who encourage him to keep going. Personally, I have a hard time believing this candidate takes this process seriously. He seems far too interested in being disruptive than serving the community.