Barbra Williamson Fires Back

Barbra Williamson isn’t keeping quiet about the Ventura County Star article questioning her campaign financing. On her website, she says

The Ventura County Star has erroneously insinuated in its article of November 1, 2008 that certain campaign contributions to City Councilmember Barbra Williamson may have been in violation of campaign financing regulations of the City. This article is without factual support.

Read the full press release here.

Says Barbra on Brian Dennert’s Blog:

You are going to believe whatever you want, so my telling you that I am not under the “thumb” of anyone will fall on deaf ears. Glen Gersen is a personal friend. I have known David Saperstein since he purchase the ranch and have been a guest of his there many times. I have met Mike Oborn once in my life,I take that back, I’ve met him twice. So believe what you want…I am still me and will ALWAYS VOTE MY CONSCIENCE which is what I believe the residents of Simi valley want. They don’t care if I am a Republican, Democrat or Irish…they want someone who will fight for them and standup to the Waste Managements of the world.


As I stated my press release, my campaign is totally transparant (sic) and above board. We beleive (sic) we have complied with the law and are not in violation. If you don’t like the fact that I have received donations from Mr. Saperstein or Mr. Gersen, don’t vote for me…its really that simple.

Vote Barbra!

Williamson Campaign Contributions

The Ventura County Star has raised questions about Barbra Williamson’s campaign financing, specifically about $8000 in contributions.  Read the article and let me know your thoughts.

It’s easy for me to be biased as a big Barbra Williamson supporter.  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Does this change your vote?  Suppose a discrepancy is found and the money is returned to the contributor?  Would that make a difference.