Why So Quiet?

It’s early in the game, so to speak, with several months ahead of us before election day. Nevertheless, online discussions about Simi Valley’s most important issue are in full gear. You would think that candidates for City Council would be eager to keep in front of the issues and participate in these discussions, but you’d be surprised how quiet it gets when you propose a live, real-time discussion on the issues with Simi Valley voters as the audience. What does that mean? Why so quiet?

In sharp contrast, the incumbents, Councilwoman Michelle Foster and Councilman Glen Becerra each responded to the invitation to an online live discussion in the affirmative, literally hours upon receiving it, answering “I’d love to participate,” and “Count me in!” respectively. If you take a look at some of the remarks made by the challengers and directed at either the incumbents or the entire sitting council, you might think Becerra and Foster might hesitate about putting themselves out there. In some of the comments made by challengers, Becerra and Foster are taking shots square on the chin. Nevertheless, they eagerly agreed to address city issues for interested voters.

Candidate Mitch Green, an outspoken candidate from the very beginning, isn’t so quiet and agreed to participate. When challenged online by an anoymous poster, Mitch Green fired back and stood his ground, a move most people wouldn’t be expected to do in response to an anonymous post. Currently, my live “Challenger Chat” will have only Mr. Green as a participant, but something tells me it will be an engaging chat and I won’t have to be worried about uncomfortable silences.

I’ll put it out there one more time before I coordinate with Mitch Green exclusively for a live, real-time streamed discussion on the internet. If you’re a challenging Candidate for Simi Valley City Council, contact me to get in on the live discussion. We’ll cover the issues that mean the most to you and to Simi Valley. We’ll coordinate a date and set a time in the evening after work and before primetime television to ensure a captive audience.

Regal Interviews Part II

We continue our Simi Valley interviews at the Regal Cinemas to ask more questions about local politics and the current hot issues of the Simi Valley Community.

Simi Interviews at Regal – Part II

Huge Thanks!

I owe a huge “thank you” to all of the willing participants last night.  We got some great footage, some of which is only about an hour away from being published.  A tip of the hat to my volunteer crew, Jeremy on camera and Nina in front of the camera!

I’m assembling an RSS feed right now so we can have these videos available as a video podcast in addition to their online home at YouTube and MySpaceTV.  Stand by for more information…

Saturday On Camera Interviews

I’ve managed to convince a couple of friends to assist me today with on camera interviews.  I’m quite excited about it.  I’m very eager to get a feel for what Simi Valley knows, doesn’t know, cares about or doesn’t care about in regards to local politics.  I’d like to get an understanding of how effective our local government is in communicating with citizens and how effective their campaigns are during election periods.

If you’ve got something to say, join us in the Regal Cinemas Shopping Center at about 6:30pm today.  Look for three curious looking individuals with microphones and cameras.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!  If we get you on camera, be sure to check out the final product on our YouTube channel which is available by clicking the YouTube logo above!