Live Chat with The Incumbents

On August 12th, I spoke live with the Candidates for Simi Valley City Council who are challenging the incumbents. Next week on Tuesday, August 31st at 7:00pm, I will be chatting LIVE with Candidates and incumbents Michelle Foster and Glen Becerra.

If you listened to our last live streaming chat then you already have a good feel for how the challenging Candidates feel about some of Simi Valley’s most high profile issues. This time, hear from Council Members Foster and Becerra on the same topics and possibly more (as time permits).

City Council Candidate Chat

“The Incumbents”

Tuesday, August 31 @ 7:00pm

All you need to listen-in on this discussion is your web browser, equipped with Flash (which most browsers support already). If you miss any portion of the live broadcast, it will be available here on the website for replay or you can subscribe to the Podcast feed in the Apple iTunes Store for playback on your favorite music player.

VSV Candidate Chat – The Challengers


What a great evening with the challenging City Council Candidates. Each candidate had plenty to share on topics such as doing business in Simi Valley, the Shop Simi Valley First program, City Council salary and benefits and more. I’m pleased to present the recorded playback of our live chat.

For more information about the candidates, see the following links:

In our 90 minutes of time, we did NOT cover all the topics I was hoping to touch on. Hopefully these candidates will return to cover some additional topics before the election.

My sincere thanks to the participants and for those of you who listened in. More to come, I hope!

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Candidates Forum Questions

I will be chatting with Keith Mashburn and Mitch Green, candidates for City Council, live on some time next week. This will not be a debate, but simply a live discussion on the issues that matter to the Candidates. We’d also like to make sure that we cover the issues that matter to YOU as well.

What would you like to hear these Candidates discuss during the course of this conversation? We’ll have a live chatroom available as well and will do our level best to monitor it and throw in your questions in real time, but it will be a challenging thing to multi-task.  If you have specific issues you would like the Candidates to cover, post them here!

I met Candidate Mitch Green this morning. He’s a friendly, sincere guy with a lot of enthusiasm about his campaign for City Council. He is genuinely looking forward to having this discussion and getting the word out to the voters.

Leave your comments here, and look for an announcement for next week!