Saturday On Camera Interviews

I’ve managed to convince a couple of friends to assist me today with on camera interviews.  I’m quite excited about it.  I’m very eager to get a feel for what Simi Valley knows, doesn’t know, cares about or doesn’t care about in regards to local politics.  I’d like to get an understanding of how effective our local government is in communicating with citizens and how effective their campaigns are during election periods.

If you’ve got something to say, join us in the Regal Cinemas Shopping Center at about 6:30pm today.  Look for three curious looking individuals with microphones and cameras.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!  If we get you on camera, be sure to check out the final product on our YouTube channel which is available by clicking the YouTube logo above!

Community Interviews Planned

This Saturday, September 20th, at the Regal Cinemas plaza, I’m planning to bring my video camera and mic along with camera and crew (volunteers I have yet to lock down) to ask random yet willing citizens questions about local politics. I’d like to get a good feel for how much we know as a community and what can be done to better inform Simi Valley of the issues and encourage them to vote!

Do you have something to say?  Join me this Saturday and sound off!  We’ll be assembling and editing our footage for publication on this website, as well as YouTube and MySpaceTV!  Look for us late afternoon this Saturday.