Meet Randy Nemecek on October 30th

Election day is quickly approaching and your opportunities to meet the candidates are becoming more limited. Have you met Randy Nemecek yet? If not, here’s your chance.

Join Randy Nemecek at Topper’s Pizza on Erringer and Cochran for a Meet and Greet event at 7:00pm. Randy will discuss the issues and answer questions. Attendees are invited to swing by, meet Randy, and enjoy some pizza!

Randy Nemecek’s Online Q&A Interview

I have had an opportunity to meet Randy Nemecek face to face and can tell you that he is easily one of the most enthusiastic candidates for Simi Valley City Council. Getting the word out is important to Randy and he’s been very proactive, launching a website and holding townhall style meetings.

Randy emailed me the following information a few moments ago that I wanted to share:


I am the first candidate for Simi Valley City Council to complete his candidate profile and online Q&A interview on The Ventura County Star’s online Election Central website.  I am available to answer any questions that Simi Valley residents have about my  background, skills, and qualifications.

Regards, Randy

The links are:

Randy Nemecek – Randy Listens

Last night, I was one of a select few who opted to participate in Randy Nemecek’s first in a series of townhall style meetings regarding his campaign for Simi Valley. Though not heavily attended due to contraints in marketing and timing, I was glad I went.  The next one will almost certainly have more attendees and if this stuff interests you, I highly recommend going.

Randy Nemecek is a very sharp candidate. He enjoyed a lot of success in the financial services industry and is clearly an intelligent man. He’s got a lot of ideas and he’s happy to share them in person, though you can read about them immediately by browsing his website. Randy’s mind is always on the move.  He does a lot of thinking, even while answering questions. Short answers with few details are not the norm with Randy. He’s an excellent listener, but he’s also eager to share his thoughts in detail.

I found it refreshing to speak to a challenging candidate who was loaded with ideas and armed with volumes of potential solutions. I did end up walking away with more questions at the end of Randy’s townhall style meetings. While I liked a lot of Randy’s ideas about revitalizing the Simi Valley Town Center Mall, I didn’t hear much about how to successfully implement them. If you read Randy’s website, you’ll get an overview of his ideas on the Mall and you may draw the same conclusions that I did — how and who pays for that? Also, I liked his ideas on financial solvency, but it wasn’t clear to me how he thought the current council was failing and exactly what he would do that was different or better.

In fairness, my unanswered questions are mostly due to running out of time. To really get to know whether or not Randy Nemecek is the right choice for me, I need to spend more time with him. Fortunately, Randy makes that pretty easy. He’ll be holding townhall style meetings every other week at the Simi Valley Town Center mall, so we’ll all have more opportunities to get to know him better.

Candidate Randy Nemecek Introduces RANDY LISTENS

Simi Valley City Council Candidate Randy Nemecek is introducing a series of Town Hall Meeting-style events he’s calling “Randy Listens” which will take place at the Simi Valley Town Center Mall’s Community Room. The first of these events is tomorrow, September 4th at 7:00pm. These are the details directly from Randy:

Please plan on participating in my “RANDY LISTENS” series of straight-forward community forums as I show how much I care about Simi Valley’s future by hosting YOU. Here’s how it works: it is like Mayor Huber’s trendsetting Town Halls, except YOU get to speak out and I get to hear your ideas. I’ll provide healthy snacks and refreshing water and you’ll provide feedback on what you want to see improved in Simi Valley. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m smart enough to listen and I’ll give YOU the credit publicly on my Facebook campaign page so everyone can see your good ideas. What’s not to like?

Here’s the schedule: TUESDAY EVENINGS FROM 7 PM to 9 PM on Sept. 4, Sept 18, Oct 2, OCT 16, and OCT 30.Then on election eve MONDAY November 5, we’ll have a “GET OUT THE VOTE” party. These events are being held at the second floor Community Room at the Simi Valley Town Center. Come join the FUN but be forewarned, I’m not a long-term career politician. Candidates running for office on Nov 6 are also invited. These events are for everyone’s benefit! Let’s make Simi Valley a better place for everyone to live. THE VERY FIRST TOWN HALL IS ON TUESDAY SEPT 4 AT 7 PM (evening right after Labor Day).

Randy Nemecek for Simi Valley City Council

Randy Nemecek, candidate for Simi Valley City Council, has taken his campaign online with the launch of his new website. From the website’s home page:

I am running for City Council to improve the quality of our local government decision-making and become a positive example for all public service.  As a current member of the Board of Directors of The Samaritan Center in Simi Valley, I plan to donate 100% of my public salary to this charity every year. I will not take a dime from the taxpayers to serve my friends and neighbors in Simi Valley with pride, honesty, and respect.

I first came across Randy Nemecek when I was considering applying for an open seat on the Neighborhood Council. I attended some Neighborhood Council meetings while Randy was the Chairperson. When I was informed that I was going to be a member of the Neighborhood Council, I stopped by again for Randy’s last meeting as the Chairperson and remember how gracious he was to have had the opportunity to serve.

I highly recommend stopping by his website to get a better idea about him and about his campaign. You can find his website at