7th Annual Gator Run

Did you know it’s possible to support the Special Olympics right here in Simi Valley? You can do so by participating in the 7th Annual Gator Run coordinated by the Rotary Club of Simi Sunset. From the Gator Run website:

The length of time an athlete was involved with Special Olympics was the most powerful predictor of social competence. By instilling lifelong habits of physical fitness and influencing each athlete’s willingness to accept new challenges, Special Olympics provides individuals with intellectual disabilities with “Training for Life.”

I like the idea of supporting a good cause while doing something good and healthy for myself.  For the past several years, I’ve wanted to participate in the Gator Run, but I’ve always been way too out of shape to consider it. This year, I’ve been training since December. That may seem overkill considering I just plan to run a 5K, but I have never been a distance runner. In high school, running a single mile was a difficult and exhausting thing for me that required weeks of preparation. My training has paid off and I am more than ready.

Join me in supporting the Special Olympics by participating in the Gator Run on April 21. You can read more about it and register online by clicking here.

Simi Valley Cajun Festival on Video

People regularly want to debate me when I tell them I’m proud to live in Simi Valley.  Here’s one of the strongest reasons to be proud.  It’s the annual Cajun Festival put on by the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise.  There’s more to it than just a weekend of fun.  The revenue generated by the Cajun Festival is donated to several charities.  What does it take to help those in need in a way that’s enjoyable?  Check out my video!

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