Scott Miller Opts Out of Council Race

Scott Miller, owner of the mobile venture Tutu’s Hawaiian Shave Ice in Simi Valley, announced his candidacy for Simi Valley City Council several months ago. But as of today, he’s officially standing down. Scott and I spoke briefly today on the topic and he provided me with this official statement:

I have made the tough decision not to move forward at this time due to some personal issues. Please know that I am not giving up on the issues on my fight to make the city a business friendly and safe place once again. I will keep all the sites up for my election as It will be used again in the near future.

When Scott announced his candidacy, he indicated that one of his primary objectives was to make Simi Valley more business friendly. When the economy took its toll on Scott’s brick and mortar business, he shifted gears and went all mobile, closing his shop’s doors but setting up shop at popular local venues like Simi Youth Baseball and Skatelab. Despite Scott’s ability to be agile in the local business arena, it continues to mean a great deal to him to be able to have a positive impact on the local business community.

I have a deep admiration for anyone who chooses to throw their hat in the ring and run for City Council. Cheers to Scott Miller for giving it a go. I have little doubt that we’ll see Scott give it another go in two years.

No official word yet on who Scott supports for City Council or Mayor.
Scott Miller at his shop, Tutu’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Shack

Scott Miller for Simi Valley City Council

Scott Miller intends to submit his paperwork on Monday to run for Simi Valley City Council.  I’ve known Scott for a couple of years and know that he’ll put a lot of passion into his campaign.  But I’ve also seen passion behind the work the incumbents (Michelle Foster and Glen Becerra) have done during their time in office.  I had some questions for Scott about his campaign and he was gracious enough to answer them for me.

Q: Scott, I’m curious.  What’s inspired you to run for Simi Valley City Council?  And how will your presence in City Council be better for the City than by simply re-electing the incumbents?

A: Mike, one thing is that I am not seeing enough done for the small new business person. Also, I keep hearing from young people there is nothing to do in Simi Valley. Mike, I see a synergy there someplace. I feel that I bring a different look at things. My kids go to public school. My wife is a teacher. I am a business owner who is changing the way I am doing business. There are dozens of businesses that have closed in Simi Valley, my store being one of them. I am passionate about my city. I am the guy next door. I know I will bring a different spin on things.

Q: Name recognition is an important thing in local elections.  How will you “get your name out” to Simi Valley voters?

A: Mike, I know lot of different people from all walks of life. People know me from Tutu’s Shave Ice. I have been in Simi Valley for a long time. I make a point of not being a wall flower and I enjoy talking to people. My kids and friends make fun of me because when we go out, people come up to me and start talking!

It’s true!  I’ve seen this.  A chat with Scott outside the grocery store turned into a marathon of people shouting “Hi Scott!”  People know this guy!  But will that be enough to squeeze out one of two popular City Councilmembers?  Time will tell.

Best of luck to Scott Miller on his campaign!  More to come, I’m sure!
Scott Miller at his shop, Tutu’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Shack