Campaign Sign Season 2010

It’s one of my favorite times of the year: Campaign Sign Season! Seeing the campaign signs posted strategically throughout the city always says to me that an election is on its way and these people have something they want me to know. But not everyone likes campaign signs like I do, nor do they believe they’re effective.

Sojka for Mayor Campaign Sign at Home Depot

I spotted Steve Sojka’s sign for his Simi Valley Mayor campaign at Home Depot this afternoon. I snapped a picture of it with my cell phone so you can have a look. This is a great spot for a sign. I drive through the Home Depot parking lot regularly as do a lot of Simi Valley folks. It’s right at the entrance of Home Depot and is placed in such a way that it is viewable on the way in as well as on the way out. From my standpoint, I’d call this an effective sign.

Facebook: Not everyone agrees on Campaign signs

In Simi Valley, campaign signs are allowed to go up no earlier than 120 days before the election. We’re at that point now and candidates are already coordinating to get their signs posted.  So far, Steve Sojka appears to be “in the lead” but other candidates will undoubtedly follow soon.

Two years ago, City Council Candidates who were challenging the incumbents complained that being an incumbent offered an unfair advantage regarding campaign signs. One candidate presented the challenging steps involved in identifying business owners in an effort to contact them for permission. Barbra Williamson who was up for re-election at that time reacted to that challengers position in the video below.

I’m looking forward to seeing more signs throughout Simi Valley for the upcoming election. To any candidates who are having difficulty posting campaign signs or believe the sign ordinance presents an unfair situation, please contact me so I can help make your position known.

Barbra on Campaign Signs

You can’t say Barbra Williamson isn’t a straight shooter. I’m trying to put together a quality presentation here, but I promised some video so here’s a quick snippet of my visit with Ms. Williamson!

As always, a huge thanks to Brian Dennert for linking back to me and giving me some viewers.

Late last night, I finished editing my Barbra Williamson footage and will have another video posted this evening!