Sign Stakeout Letter Round-up

Letters to the editor of the Simi Valley Acorn always represent a wide range of thoughts and emotions on various topics. Themes will last for weeks at a time, or months at a time during the election season.

One of the most recent topics that seems to polarize the community is related to the issue of the Huber for Mayor sign stakeout. Detective Arabian has a solid reputation as a police officer and as a detective. Following the initial breaking of the news by the Acorn, the paper followed it up a week later with an editorial questioning whether or not the detective, an active supporter of Huber’s campaign, made an error by volunteering for the stakeout task.

There’s a heck of a lot more to this story that most of us probably don’t know. The letters to the editor this week begin to shed some light on that fact. What follows is a summary of letters on the topic. Read them all to draw your own conclusion…

Police have a duty to investigate – Writer believes police should investigate sign thefts as a top priorty to protect first amendment rights. Suggests a cost savings to the city of $2000.

Becerra got a call about his signs too – Writer shares details regarding a phone call to Councilman Glen Becerra. Also expresses concern about how this information was leaked to the press.

Huber should have done the stakeout – Writer suggests Huber should have conducted his own investigation regarding sign thefts and doesn’t believe it was effective use of law enforcement resources.

Involvement was a conflict of interest – Writer believes that the detective who is a known supporter of Huber, appearing in his campaigns, should not have conducted the stakeout as it represents a conflict of interest.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a middle ground on this issue…

SV Acorn Candidates’ Forum

For those of you who work fulltime jobs during the normal business day, a Candidates’ Forum in the evening is a great idea. Cheers to the Simi Valley Acorn for coordinating the upcoming forum at 7:00PM on October 19th, this coming Tuesday night.

This particular forum is unique to the others.  The League of Women Voters recently coordinated a forum in Council Chambers weeks ago. The Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Simi Valley/Moorpark Democratic Club also have forums scheduled on October 20th. But of the three, the Simi Valley Acorn Candidates’ Forum will be the only one featuring both Mayoral Candidates on the stage together with no other candidates.

The turnout for the forum is expected to be significant. The time and location (Simi Valley Highschool Multi-purpose room) make for a convenient venue for most Simi Valley voters!

For details, click here to read about it on the Acorn.

Barbra Williamson Whoops On Simi Acorn

Simi Valley City Councilwoman Barbra Williamson gave the folks at the Simi Valley Acorn a piece of her mind regarding their blatant use of “Simi” in referencing our city instead of “Simi Valley.”  In the letter, she says:

I am probably being a little oversensitive in writing this letter, but today’s (April 29) publication was the last straw, if you know what I mean.

I, like everyone else, refers to your newspaper as the Acorn , or Acorn . What if they were to call you “corn,” just leave off the “a.” It’s just a little thing but nonetheless I am sure it’s important to the owners of your newspaper.

Well, it’s just as important to a resident of our community that we be addressed as Simi Valley, not Simi.

Like I said . . . a little oversensitive perhaps, but let’s show a little respect when referring to our beautiful valley; it’s only six more letters.
Barbra Williamson
Simi Valley

I’m guilty of this.  I often refer to Simi Valley as Simi.  Also, and this may be beside the point, I often refer to Thousand Oaks as “T.O.” and sometimes, I even call Moorpark “M to the P.”  These are tough habits to break, but I suspect I have the willpower to get past this.  I’m pledging publicly that I will give it my best shot.  However, my bad habits don’t end here.

Interestingly, I often refer to the Simi Valley Acorn as “the corn.”

“Good morning, dear. The Corn is a little wet this morning because they tossed it in the lawn.  Good thing the Corn is online!”

It didn’t occur to me until I read Barbra’s letter that this might be an obvious display of disrespect, or as I often refer to it, a display of “d’spect.”  For the record, it should be noted that not only do I have a huge amount of respect for the Simi Valley Acorn, I also really enjoy corn of various varieties. East coast grown white corn on the cob is easily my favorite.  It nicely compliments any summer time barbecue [edit: replaced “BBQ” with “barbecue”].

Having lived in Simi Having lived in Simi Valley all of my life, I feel I owe it to B-Will owe it to Barbra Williamson to put my best foot forward and represent my city as it was intended — with two word, not one!


P.S. I love Barbra Williamson!