Sinaloa Park to Become a Reality

Steve Sojka and Glen Becerra chatting as the crowd files in before the meeting.

Tonight I got to watch the City Council at work.  As Councilmember Steve Sojka put it, this was one of those City Council meetings to remember and be proud of.  Sinaloa Park, the proposed family recreation center, has been approved by City Council.  As a family man and 35 year Simi Valley resident, this is great news for me and my family!

There were several people in attendance this evening all of whom wanted to share their position on the proposed Sinaloa Park.  For the most part, positive support was overwhelming. Among the supporters of the project were CEO of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center, Leigh Nixon, and local businessmen Mike Antoun and Alan Mann.  One of the most memorable and amusing presenters was from Cooper Brown, Simi Valley High School Student Body President, who informed the Council that the project meant enough for him to show up by himself to show his support.  “It’s not like my friends all say, ‘hey, let’s go to a City Council meeting!'” he said.  But he was compelled to show up and share his position that Simi Valley needs more to do for young people.

Barbra Williamson and Michelle Foster listen to comments from supporters of the Sinaloa Park project.

There were some who still didn’t look favorably on the project.  One individual who lives in the Sinaloa Lake community felt the project represented a liability. Though he did indicate that the project was well designed and that concerns of noise had been answered satisfactorily, he still believed the project would have an impact in liability insurance rates for the Sinaloa Lake HOA. I never did get to hear him fully articulate why that was. Another resident in the nearby Hacienda Estates expressed concern and a desire to increase police patrols, citing several recent occurrences of criminal activity in the area related to police chases and other issues.

In the end, the City Council unanimously approved the project and gave it the green light, a decision met with grand applause.

That means in a couple of years I can whip all of you on the miniature golf course. That’s right.  I intend to make miniature golf competitive. It can happen.  You’ll see.

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Thank you Simi Valley City Council!

Simi Valley City Council listening to public remarks.