Shannon’s Simi Chamber Presentation

For a more pleasant City Hall video, see the one below. This video is of Tim Shannon’s presentation to the City Council on the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce’s mission. This presentation was inspired by questions raised regarding the renewal of a contract between the Chamber and the City of Simi Valley. In addition to being a Candidate for Simi Valley City Council, Tim Shannon is also a long time member, Board Member and Past President of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Tim Shannon at Jerry’s Coffee Shop

I attended the meet and greet event for Tim Shannon, Candidate for Simi Valley City Council, at Jerry’s Coffee Shop on Los Angeles Avenue. A group of enthusiastic supporters showed as well as those interested in learning more about Tim Shannon to help determine how they should vote in this election. Among the attendees were Former Mayor Paul Miller, looking relaxed as though retirement agrees with him, Candidate for School Board Josie Hirsch, and Former Candidate for City Council Mitch Green. It was in informal gathering, so no deep discussions on the issues, but Tim Shannon made the rounds and said hello to everyone in attendance. Tim seems like a friendly, sincere candidate with a passion for the community and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about him.

Tim Shannon for Simi Valley Goes Online

Tim Shannon, Candidate for Simi Valley City Council, has officially taken his campaign online with the launch of his website. The website not only includes content specific to his campaign message, but also includes a link to his Facebook page, a key communication tool in this election.  From his website:

As a family man, businessman, and an active member of our community for more than 20 years, I have been blessed to work with many dedicated men and women who have made the City of Simi Valley grow and prosper.

You can check out Tim Shannon’s website by browsing to and you can see his Facebook page by clicking here.

Meet Tim Shannon

Tim Shannon, candidate for Simi Valley City Council, has announced a meet and greet scheduled for September 15th. If you don’t know Tim Shannon, I highly recommend attending. Tim is a known and well respected member of the business community and there has been talk for many years suggesting that he may eventually run for City Council. This is a good opportunity for everyone to get an understanding of what he’s all about.

Join Tim Shannon at Jerry’s Coffee Shop on Saturday, September 15th in the morning from 7:30am to 8:30am. Coffee and Bagels will be served. I’ll be attending, so I’ll see you all there.

Tim Shannon for City Council

Tim Shannon has pulled papers to run for Simi Valley City Council.  For me, this is a really exciting possibility.  According to the Simi Valley rumor mill, which isn’t always credible, the expectation was that one way or another, Tim Shannon would eventually find his way on to the City Council. His reputation in the community is strong enough to support a victorious election in my opinion, but the rumor mill suggested that if Steve Sojka were elected Mayor in the last election, Tim Shannon might have been selected to fill his seat by appointment.  Of course, that’s a rumor, but one I heard enough times to consider somewhat credible.

Tim Shannon is a well known figure in Simi Valley.  In addition to being an independent business owner and former Simi Valley Planning Commissioner, he’s a long time member of the morning Rotary Club and active participant in many of their charitable events.  He is a member of the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce.  He is serving or has served on the following Simi Valley organizations: Simi Valley Police Foundation, Simi Valley Community Foundation and the Simi Valley Boys & Girls Club.

The community was polarized regarding the Sojka vs. Huber mayoral election. But the one thing that individuals on both sides agreed on was that Tim Shannon is devoted to the best interests of Simi Valley and would serve the city well if given the opportunity. I personally hope he follows through and decides to officially run for City Council.