Candidate Randy Nemecek Introduces RANDY LISTENS

Simi Valley City Council Candidate Randy Nemecek is introducing a series of Town Hall Meeting-style events he’s calling “Randy Listens” which will take place at the Simi Valley Town Center Mall’s Community Room. The first of these events is tomorrow, September 4th at 7:00pm. These are the details directly from Randy:

Please plan on participating in my “RANDY LISTENS” series of straight-forward community forums as I show how much I care about Simi Valley’s future by hosting YOU. Here’s how it works: it is like Mayor Huber’s trendsetting Town Halls, except YOU get to speak out and I get to hear your ideas. I’ll provide healthy snacks and refreshing water and you’ll provide feedback on what you want to see improved in Simi Valley. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m smart enough to listen and I’ll give YOU the credit publicly on my Facebook campaign page so everyone can see your good ideas. What’s not to like?

Here’s the schedule: TUESDAY EVENINGS FROM 7 PM to 9 PM on Sept. 4, Sept 18, Oct 2, OCT 16, and OCT 30.Then on election eve MONDAY November 5, we’ll have a “GET OUT THE VOTE” party. These events are being held at the second floor Community Room at the Simi Valley Town Center. Come join the FUN but be forewarned, I’m not a long-term career politician. Candidates running for office on Nov 6 are also invited. These events are for everyone’s benefit! Let’s make Simi Valley a better place for everyone to live. THE VERY FIRST TOWN HALL IS ON TUESDAY SEPT 4 AT 7 PM (evening right after Labor Day).

Video: Burgers with Bob

I had a great time at the Burgers with Bob event at Rancho Park in Simi Valley on Erringer and Royal this afternoon. This was definitely one of those events that makes you really open your eyes and ears and evaluate the issues and consider solutions. It’s one thing to debate the issues on a blog. It’s another entirely to discuss these issues in person with people who are affected and see a candidate interact with these people in real time. I’m glad I went, and I sincerely thank everyone who took the time to speak to me personally.

The issues that were covered this afternoon by both Bob Huber and by the guests before and after the presentation and Q&A session were:

  • Bob Huber’s background and qualifications
  • E-Verify – its introduction into the campaign and the City’s response
  • Business Challenges – Bob’s thoughts on the “Business Advocate”
  • Questions asked and answered

Check in during the course of the next day or so! I’ll have complete videos on the Burgers with Bob park event where you can see and hear the details. Plus, join me on Tuesday for the LIVE Incumbent chat broadcast live here on the website.

Bob Huber’s Words on Townhall Meetings

There are several questions floating around about Simi Valley Mayor Candidate Bob Huber’s proposal for Townhall style meetings in Simi Valley.  I directly asked Bob Huber’s campaign for more clarification on Townhall meetings and was delighted to receive a prompt response.

Please share your remarks about the proposal and Bob Huber’s response.  One of the biggest concerns is whether or not a Townhall Meeting would truly be “no cost” even if it is managed by a panel of volunteers.  I’m inclined to believe there would be no cost if it’s held in public and managed by volunteers, but maybe I’m missing something.  I invite your comments.

Here’s Bob Huber on Townhall Meetings:

My goal is to bring our City Government closer to the people it serves. My vision for the town hall meetings is very simple and has absolutely no cost. I invision having monthly meetings in a public place such as in front of the mall, a shopping center or in a park with a table and few chairs under an eazy-up. Nothing fancy or complex. Just an hour or two once a month, to meet with the people of Simi Valley to hear their  concerns, problems, thoughts and ideas.

The reason I feel so passionate about this approach is that many people are intimidated speaking in public. Let alone standing at a podium in counsel chambers, staring up at the five council members sitting on a raised dias looking like judges, while watching the 2 minute clock tick away their time to speak. When you think about it, it’s not a very inviting way to hear from the citizens of our community. Especially when the council members don’t even respond to what you say when your finished. It can feel very discouraging.

These town hall meetings would be in addition to my proposed Ombudsman program of community volunteers that would field concerns from the citizens of Simi Valley. Again, this would be at NO COST, as they would be volunteers who are committed to improving the quality of life for all of us who live here Simi Valley.

I’m sure that the very informal and casual setting will be inviting and encourage more people to share whats on their mind and be participants in our Government. Leadership that listens isn’t a slogan… it is my leadership style.