Video Evidence: Sign Thefts

I’m glad the election is over. While it may not have been as heated as other elections in other areas, it was bad enough for Simi Valley. One of the most memorable moments for me will always be the theatrics surrounding sign thefts. The accusations from supporters on all sides, the letters to the editor, and the blog and forum comments on the topic were heated, to say the least. The editorial in the Acorn regarding the stakeout of the Huber for Mayor sign yielded an even number of people both agreeing and disagreeing with what happened with that incident.

I think its a fair assumption that considering the obvious support Bob Huber’s campaign had from the Simi Valley Police Officers Association, his signs were considered a bit more sacred to those on the POA. That’s something that has been hotly disputed, but the videos I found recently I believe are further evidence of that. I’d bet comfortably that the POA doesn’t have any video evidence of sign thefts of any other candidate. Admittedly, I have no details on how these videos were obtained.

A YouTube user named svpdpoa401 uploaded the following three videos. The quality is somewhat poor because it appears to be video shot of a video monitor playing the actual videos. The producer of the videos included amusing title cards and upbeat rock music. The origin and background of the video is unknown because the metadata on the uploads contains no detailed descriptions. However, you’ll clearly see hooligans swiping Huber signs and running away.

New Sojka Fan Video

I wish that I had the guts and determination as a highschool student that Kyle Quiroz displays so effortlessly. He put together another video in support of Steve Sojka for Mayor. In this one, he’s written some new lyrics, worked on some choreography, and edited together a music video with family and friends, with an appearance from the Mayoral Candidate.

Sojka Video Goes Viral

Kyle Quiroz, a Steve Sojka supporter, created a music video about Simi Valley in response to a challenge issued by Brian Dennert. Brian recently updated his readers with the following news:

I was out walking the other night and I came across the writer/singer of that song, Kyle Quiroz. We talked for a few minutes and he told me Youtube contacted him because they are now promoting his video. That basically means it is at the top of the search results for Simi Valley on Youtube and they are paying him. At around 4,000 views it isn’t much but I am proud that my blog helped launch the most viral campaign video in Ventura County Campaign history. I am more impressed that Youtube is now sharing ad revenue with Kyle.

What a fun bit of good news to be able to talk about during an election that has quickly become sour. I’m pleased for Kyle and congratulate him for a job well done. Kyle should be commended for not only answering Brian’s challenge, but for also putting himself out there to show his support for the community. He shows true character and I hope to have an opportunity to work with him in the future.

Here is Kyle’s video:

Keith Mashburn’s Fundraiser Speech

Candidate for Simi Valley City Council Keith Mashburn addressed his guests after a brief introduction from the incoming President of the Police Officers Association. In this presentation, Keith covers most of the major issues, including Police Officer relations, the landfill, Council benefits, the business community, and his thoughts on appointments and term limits.

description=”Mashburn Fundraiser”

Sojka Video – Public Safety Matters

Another Don Norris production, here’s the latest video entitled Public Safety Matters. This video uses the same title card and photo technique used in Don’s previous videos. In this one, we get some details on how Steve Sojka has contributed to the enhancement of various law enforcement programs.

Thanks go to Don for sending me the link!

New Sojka Video – Crime is Down

Here’s another video from Don Norris, an outspoken Steve Sojka supporter who happens to be an expert photographer. Obviously, he’s got an knack for video editing as well. I like the look and feel of his videos.

The latest video by Don represents his thoughts on crime in Simi Valley and how he attributes the success of the dropping crime rate to Candidate for Mayor Steve Sojka.

I love the use of video in the current election cycle and hope to see more in the months ahead.

The Simi Show

If you’ve seen any of my videos, you may think of me as overly sarcastic.  The fact is, I am truly passionate about the City of Simi Valley and related matters.  I’ve been critical of city programs like Shop Simi Valley First, a fact that City Councilmember Steve Sojka approached me on, challenged my position, and agreed to sit down and discuss the program in greater detail.  I plan to take him up on that, but back to the point… Despite some moderate criticisms, I truly love living in Simi Valley.

Just due to the satisfaction and joy of participating in the community related videos for the purposes of, I’ve decided to carry on that process in a broader format.  I want to continue talking to the people of Simi Valley, while promoting the city and the businesses and organizations within.  I’m pleased with the terrific response I’ve received and I think we’d all benefit from more.

I’m pleased to introduce the production of an internet based video show called The Simi Show.  Known as a “podcast,” the show will be distributed online, allowing you to subscribe to the show via Apple iTunes and watch on your portable video device (like an iPod, iPhone or Zune) or on a set top television box such as Apple TV.  I know, pretty geeky, techy stuff… Fortunately, you’ll also be able to watch the program in the very same browser you’re using to read this page, much like YouTube, making the show easily accessible to people of all technical skill levels.  I’m open to any additional distribution methods should anyone have any they would like to recommend.

Check back often for more information about The Simi Show, or click here to see a summary description and some preliminary ad artwork.

And thanks so much for your participation and for inspiring this new project!