Video Evidence: Sign Thefts

I’m glad the election is over. While it may not have been as heated as other elections in other areas, it was bad enough for Simi Valley. One of the most memorable moments for me will always be the theatrics surrounding sign thefts. The accusations from supporters on all sides, the letters to the editor, and the blog and forum comments on the topic were heated, to say the least. The editorial in the Acorn regarding the stakeout of the Huber for Mayor sign yielded an even number of people both agreeing and disagreeing with what happened with that incident.

I think its a fair assumption that considering the obvious support Bob Huber’s campaign had from the Simi Valley Police Officers Association, his signs were considered a bit more sacred to those on the POA. That’s something that has been hotly disputed, but the videos I found recently I believe are further evidence of that. I’d bet comfortably that the POA doesn’t have any video evidence of sign thefts of any other candidate. Admittedly, I have no details on how these videos were obtained.

A YouTube user named svpdpoa401 uploaded the following three videos. The quality is somewhat poor because it appears to be video shot of a video monitor playing the actual videos. The producer of the videos included amusing title cards and upbeat rock music. The origin and background of the video is unknown because the metadata on the uploads contains no detailed descriptions. However, you’ll clearly see hooligans swiping Huber signs and running away.

Sojka Video Goes Viral

Kyle Quiroz, a Steve Sojka supporter, created a music video about Simi Valley in response to a challenge issued by Brian Dennert. Brian recently updated his readers with the following news:

I was out walking the other night and I came across the writer/singer of that song, Kyle Quiroz. We talked for a few minutes and he told me Youtube contacted him because they are now promoting his video. That basically means it is at the top of the search results for Simi Valley on Youtube and they are paying him. At around 4,000 views it isn’t much but I am proud that my blog helped launch the most viral campaign video in Ventura County Campaign history. I am more impressed that Youtube is now sharing ad revenue with Kyle.

What a fun bit of good news to be able to talk about during an election that has quickly become sour. I’m pleased for Kyle and congratulate him for a job well done. Kyle should be commended for not only answering Brian’s challenge, but for also putting himself out there to show his support for the community. He shows true character and I hope to have an opportunity to work with him in the future.

Here is Kyle’s video:

Regal Interviews Part III

We’re pleased to bring you the exciting conclusion to our night out talking to the moviegoers at Regal Cinemas. Get out there, Simi Valley! Read the paper, attend council meetings or watch them online and get to know these issues. And by all means, vote on November 4th!

Simi Interviews at Regal – Part III,t=1,mt=video

Huge Thanks!

I owe a huge “thank you” to all of the willing participants last night.  We got some great footage, some of which is only about an hour away from being published.  A tip of the hat to my volunteer crew, Jeremy on camera and Nina in front of the camera!

I’m assembling an RSS feed right now so we can have these videos available as a video podcast in addition to their online home at YouTube and MySpaceTV.  Stand by for more information…

Saturday On Camera Interviews

I’ve managed to convince a couple of friends to assist me today with on camera interviews.  I’m quite excited about it.  I’m very eager to get a feel for what Simi Valley knows, doesn’t know, cares about or doesn’t care about in regards to local politics.  I’d like to get an understanding of how effective our local government is in communicating with citizens and how effective their campaigns are during election periods.

If you’ve got something to say, join us in the Regal Cinemas Shopping Center at about 6:30pm today.  Look for three curious looking individuals with microphones and cameras.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!  If we get you on camera, be sure to check out the final product on our YouTube channel which is available by clicking the YouTube logo above!