Vote Simi Valley – What Now?

With the election being only hours away from complete, one might wonder what’s to come of  My desire is to keep the site going strong!  No matter who ends up representing the City of Simi Valley, it’s absolutely critical that we continue to understand what’s happening and stay involved.

You’d be surprised and delighted to know how responsive the community has been to our efforts here.  We’ve spoken to most of the members of city council, nearly all of the council challengers and school board challengers, and we’ve received kind emails and kind words from people we’ve met at City Council.  We’ve come to know new friends like Brian Dennert and interview good people and their families.  Having said that, we’d like to keep playing.

My sincere hope is that some of you might also express an interest in participating.  The more voices, the better!  And if you have the same passion about your community as I do, I can offer you a soap box with a pretty fair amount of traffic.  Join me!

Election Day in Simi Valley

Today is election day in Simi Valley. I have never been more excited to cast my vote. I encourage my visitors to post their predictions here and let me know what they think the results will be.

Plus, for any candidates that may be reading, please feel free to post a comment or send me an email and I’ll gladly publish any of your statements. As of this week, my traffic is sky-rocketing!

Good luck!

Vote Simi Valley

Welcome to, home of the grassroots campaign to get Simi Valley voters into the voting booth this election season.  There’s quite an opportunity for change in our city this election season and it’s critical that we participate, not only in educating our peers but by voting as well!

Check back soon for more details and content regarding the Simi Valley Election 2008!